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I am SO screwed!

I have joined a website that I hope very much will help me. I have no doubt, actually, that it can. I hope only that I will take the things to heart that I read there and not just give up. The website in question is Scribophile. It is designed to get peer review and editing of author's works. It is amazing! One of the things, however, that I have come to realize is that I have so very much to learn.

I was reading a couple of chapters to do a critique of a fellow writer's novel, or 'work in progress' (WIP). I was really into it. There were some things that I would have done differently, but I really liked where they went with it, and the plot has amazing potential and endless possibilities.

When I finished the two chapters, I came to the conclusion that I am WAY out of my league here. But, what the hell, I will offer a critique and correct some grammar and maybe offer a small amount of advice regarding a couple of word choices that I wasn't sure fit properly. I rea…