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I have been woefully neglectful in my writing, and my reading; which, from what I can gather is, if not the same thing then at a minimum, first cousins.

I read that sentence after I wrote it and thought to myself, jeez, that sentence sucks! I should break that up better or make it two sentences...maybe I can use a semicolon or something... I then realized that I was writing in stream of consciousness. Hmm. I don't recall ever doing that. I am tired, but damn.

Wow! I was writing in "stream of consciousness" and I didn't realize it till I re-read that sentence and realized a couple of things. The first thing I realized is that I absolutely HATE semicolons.

I read a headline and the first few lines if an article once (that I intended to go back and finish and still do) that suggested that semicolons were useless and certainly not something that one would want to use. The line that intrigued me was "Why would you want to semi-do anything?" I liked that, and I hate semicolons, so I think I will find that article tomorrow.

I don't remember now what the second things was. I have been wracking my brain to try to figure it out, but I lost it. I really need to learn to write things down and not rely on my "'s ok. That is easy, I will remember that. It is important right?"

Don't judge...I am still trying to identify my bad habits so that I can break them.

Found one!

Going to bed. Maybe it will come to me.


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