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So Much to Learn

I am frustrated. I need to write, I need to read, and I am angry that I can't cannot do both simultaneously. I need to learn more, I need to learn faster. I am very patient with some things, but this is a struggle for me.

My problem is that that I take forever to come up with a course of action. I want to do the right thing. I evaluate and re-evaluate, weigh the pros and cons and then choose. Right, wrong, or indifferent once the choice is made, I have to run with it. I have the course, there is no reason not to get it done.
I have so much to learn. I read some of the writers forums and really like the majority. I was reading one this evening about the copy edit process and the hostilities that some writers feel when dealing with a copy editor. I SO wish I had that problem. That would mean that I was getting published. I'll take it. Problems like that do not seem so bad to me, but it is a matter of perspective.

I cannot imagine the difference in perspective from working so hard and so long to get a book published, to signing a book deal and furthering that whole process. It has to be a completely different world. I am so looking forward to that. It will happen. It is part of the plan, it has to happen. So there...


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Don't Abandon the Little Ones

Ok, I am back writing a little bit more. This story that I am currently working on is an affirmation of the fact that I have been negligent in my duties to writing. My character comes after me to find out WTF has been going on with me. I think it is going to work pretty good. I am just not sure where to go from here.

One thing that I haven't been doing is going back and editing stories that I have already written to make them better. I posted one on scribophile (wonderful site, BTW, with great people who are really helpful and caring.) and I received some wonderful critiques on it. But I haven't acted on any of them. I have to fix that.

So coffee breaks over, back on my head.

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Write a lot, read a lot. That is the advice that I have heard and read as I devour every scrap of information I can in learning to become a writer, or at least a better writer. I have proudly read a lot and written a little. That is not to say that I have written little because the small word count that I have achieved has come as a result of serious struggle. Fighting for words, as I do for everything else, it seems, will be my lot. I will accept it. It is either that or be content reading other's stories and have no voice for my own. That is unacceptable.

That being said, I am currently reading "A Game of Thrones" by George R. R. Martin. This is a brilliant work. I started it and was a little dismayed how he shifted the perspective from character to character. After the second chapter, I was ready to put it down and move on to something else. I am so glad that I didn't. Please note that I am a novice. I am learning the craft. I know what I know and think soundly w…